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Sustainable buildings with many lives.

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Our Mission

Revolutionary technology
for circular buildings on-demand.

We provide the world's first scalable and circular building system on-demand. We create buildings that allow change over time, can adapt to various site conditions at no extra costs and are being able to be efficiently built back and reused. We are a Tech Company applying revolutionary robotic construction technology for building and refurbishment. 

Partnering with BetaPort means to commit to circularity in design and production. We aim for highest standards in building design, sustainability and execution. Our product-based approach to building allow for cost efficiency and for long-term return on investment in all aspects of the value chain.

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and CO2 negative.
210806_BetaPort_Product Presentation_s.png
and easy to understand.
210806_BetaPort_Product Presentation_s.png
Scalable building components.
210806_BetaPort_Product Presentation_s.png
Automated in planning and production.
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Locally sourced from renewables.
210806_BetaPort_Product Presentation_s.png
Highly flexible and
adaptive system.
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Fully ESG
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BetaPort As A Service
subscription model.

How it works

Smart buildings, made from intelligent building blocks.

Mobility is one of the fastest changing sectors today. Tomorrow's infrastructure must be multimodal in order to address services on land, air and water. Our mobility hub solutions are adaptive, easy to understand and carbon-negative. Watch our video.

Buildings On-Demand

BetaPort System

BetaPort is the world's first on-demand building system, fully realized using our automated plannng process and ecologic construction methodology. The  hub is fully integrted for novel transport solutions to provide seamless experiences.

Do you want to realize your own BetaPort?

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Patented Building Technology

Affordable and Easy to Build

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BetaPort is a certified and patented building technology. Every element is tested and quality checked in the factory to guarantee a great product. On site all elements are fast and easy to assemble.

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Efficient Planning

Our Building Technology

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BetaPort Construction System

Ready to scale.

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Thanks to our intelligent building technology, we can construct flexible buildings time- and cost-efficient. We introduce new planning tools powered by AI and an industry 4.0 production approach.

BetaPort Configurator

The Beta Builder


Our configurator makes designing BetaPorts easy and cost-efficient. Automated for quick decision making and detailed enough for production and assembly data. Contact us and get into building you mobility hub.

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Designed for a circular and carbon-zero lifestyle.

BetaPort applies a circular building approach using renewables with material passports. The design for disassembly approach enables us to offter mobility hubs as subscription models  (BetaPort as a Service - BAaS).

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BetaPort can be seen at





Expo Real



Digital Week and Climate Week


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Get In Touch.

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BetaPort is invented and designed by Urban Beta

Urban Beta is a spatial innovation studio creating inclusive, unconventional and transformative spaces. The studio develops spatial systems with a participatory approach. Our work deals with social justice, predictive planning, co-creation and the democratization of design.

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Partners and Clients

We work collaboratively with all our partners and clients, providing a unique space for innovation and deep thinking in our projects.

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